Belton Educational Foundation Scholarships

Each spring, the Belton Educational Foundation awards scholarships to graduating seniors. Thanks to continued support from our generous donors, we award over $16,000 in scholarships to our BHS graduates each year. 

Scholarships are available to any Belton High School senior with plans for continued education.  We have a variety of scholarship opportunities focusing on a variety of student skills and interests.


BEF Scholarship Information

Belton High School students should contact the BHS counseling office for information on how to apply for Belton Educational Foundation scholarships.

The deadline for BEF Scholarship applications is typically February each year.  

Recipients are announced in April at the BHS Scholarship and Awards Ceremony.

To Apply click the links below: 

Belton Educational Foundation Scholarships Application 

Belton Educational Foundation Scholarships  (multiple scholarships $500-$4000) 

Looking for students with a plan to achieve their goals and make a difference for others in the community.  Involvement in activities and academic achievement are considered, as well as A+ criteria.  Financial need is considered for some of these scholarships, but not all of them.  Strong academic achievement is a consideration for some, but not all, of these scholarships.

Sandy Hamilton Memorial Scholarship ($250)

       The recipient must have a 3.0 or higher GPA and must be planning to attend Pittsburg State University.

Nathaniel S. Holle Memorial Scholarship (up to $600–can be divided)

A student at Belton High School who plans to pursue a two or four-year degree or certification in emergency services or allied healthPreference for this scholarship will be given to students with a diagnosis of epilepsy or seizure disorder, though a student will not be required to have this diagnosis to qualify for the scholarship.  Looking for a student who shows perseverance, one who has a “never give up” attitude.  Applicants should have at least a 2.0 GPA.  Letter of recommendation required.

Charles F. Pitts Memorial Scholarship ($2500)

A student who plans to pursue a 2-4 year degree or certification in a traditional discipline such as accounting, finance, engineering, pre-medical, education, etc.  An additional consideration is given to the student’s involvement in sports and school activities such as student government, clubs, and community service, etc.   Financial need is considered for this scholarship.

Art and Nora Hoyt Scholarship ($1000)

A student who plans to pursue a 2-4 year degree with certification in a traditional discipline such as accounting, finance, engineering, sciences, pre-medical, education, etc.  Excluding those seeking degrees in art, religion, philosophy, music, dance, etc. Special consideration will be given to students who are first or second-generation immigrants to the United States and who show financial need in order to further his or her education.  Applicants should have at least a 3.0 GPA

Troy M. Shaw Memorial Scholarship ($1000–can be divided)

This scholarship is offered in memory of Troy Shaw whose life was tragically taken by Melanoma in 2019. Troy leaves behind a legacy of community service, kindness, and curiosity. After his graduation from Belton High School, he immediately began contributing to the community through service to the school, community organizations, and later the Belton Police Department. Troy’s enduring service to the community and friends will be memorialized through this scholarship. The recipient is to be a student at Belton High School with a minimum 2.5 weighted GPA who is graduating and planning to attend trade school or college.  The recipient must demonstrate a deep interest in community service.  This scholarship is targeted toward a student who values his/her community and expresses goals of making a difference in Belton.  Preference will go to a student pursuing a certification or degree in emergency services,  information technology, or computer science, however, other career fields will be considered.

Please contact Sonja Abdelgawad if you have any questions via email at or call 816-348-1150