Student and Teacher Programs

Teacher Grants for Innovation

Thanks to the continued support of our generous donors, the Belton Educational Foundation has awarded over $350,000 since the beginning of the Teacher Grant Program in 2008. Each year, the Foundation encourages all teachers in the Belton School District to submit innovative ideas through this competitive grant request process. School District administrators review submissions and, if approved, are sent on to the Foundation for review and selection by a committee.

Fall grants are due November 1, 2024.  Here is a link to the application:

New Teacher Grants

New Teacher Support

At the beginning of each school year the Belton Educational Foundation awards each new teacher to the district with a crisp $100 bill to help them get their classroom ready for school. Each year we set aside $5,000 to ensure this gift to all new teachers, helping to ensure a strong start for teachers and their students.

ACCESS Mental Health Services

Since 2010, the Belton Educational Foundation has secured over $1.3 million in grants from the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City to fund the district ACCESS program (Appropriate Clinical Care Engaged in School Settings).

We serve between 350 and 400 students with mental health care each year.  The program is targeted to reach children who wouldn’t otherwise have access due to barriers such as transportation, lack of income, lack of insurance coverage, etc.

Therapists also provide valuable consultations with teachers and school staff, trainings for school staff, and crisis services for children and families in the Belton School District.
Many parents, teachers, and therapists have shared positive experiences in a recent survey. “I love that this therapy service is available via Belton schools.  It gave me peace of mind throughout the years of my child’s needs, through school.”  “It was extremely helpful and trustworthy.  My child knew when and where to go when needed.”  “Please, keep up the great work in the service!  We have “graduated” out of the service, but we are glad to know we can “visit” as needed.  We are excited for other children and families who will benefit.”

Nutrition: BackSnack/Pirate Pantries – Helping Keep Children Healthy

For some children, Friday school lunch may be the last healthy meal of the day, until they return to school Monday morning.  In America, one in seven children may not know where they get their next meal.  Each weekend throughout the school year, over 350 Belton children are provided food to take home, ensuring that they have something to eat over the weekend.  With the coronavirus pandemic’s devastating impact, even more children face hunger. 

This is possible due to the BackSnack and Pirate Pantry programs operated through the Belton Educational Foundation and supported through donations from community friends, Harvesters, and grant funding.  Food donations are accepted year-round to support three district Pirate Pantries.  Monetary donations are also needed to continue support in providing nutritional assistance to children.

Our Pirate Pantries have grown to provide shoes, socks, lice treatments, and more for children in need.

If you or your organization is interested in conducting a food drive, we have a pantry wish list to share with you. For more information on doing a collection drive for us (for food or children’s shoes) or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sonja Abedelgawad, Executive Director, at 816-348-1151 or e-mail

Belton Educational Foundation Student Scholarships

Each spring, the Belton Educational Foundation awards scholarships to graduating seniors who will be continuing their education. Thanks to continued support from our generous donors, each school year we typically award over $16,000 to Belton High School graduating seniors through our scholarships.   We offer multiple scholarship opportunities:  Belton Educational Foundation Renewable Scholarships, Belton Educational Foundation One-time Scholarships, the Sandy Hamilton Memorial Scholarship, the Charles F. Pitts Memorial Scholarship, the Nathanial S. Holle Memorial Scholarship, the Troy Shaw Memorial Scholarship, and the Art and Nora Hoyt Scholarship. Scholarships are available to any Belton High School Senior with plans for continued education.

 Belton Educational Foundation Scholarship Information

 If you are a senior at BHS and planning to continue your education, watch for our 23-24 application to be posted here in Oct/Nov.  

Applications for Belton Educational Foundation scholarships are due in February/March.

Recipients are announced at the Belton High School Scholarship and Awards Ceremony in April.

For questions, contact the our office via email at or call 816-348-1150.