Belton High School Hall of Fame

In 1872, three years after Belton, Missouri was founded, the first board of education was formed.  From the beginning, the residents of Belton have considered the school system a priority by providing dedicated board members, strongly supporting bond issues for educational and capital improvements and ongoing support in our educational process.  Professional and dedicated administrators, teachers and support staff are also a vital part of the equation.

For almost 140 years, Belton has maintained an enviable reputation for quality education.  Belton High School alumni have excelled in the fields of science, medicine, law, business, engineering, education, music, the arts, religion and service to our country.  Their impact reaches around the world.

The Belton High School Hall of Fame, established in 1998, honors the lifetime achievements of those who have distinguished themselves in their professional careers, for service and contributions to their communities, or in other ways that reflect positively on the educational foundation received at Belton High School.

The success of those inducted into the Belton High School Hall of Fame can be measured in many ways:  career, scholastic or other high achievement, civic activities, service to others, or success despite obstacles in a variety of endeavors.  Recipients of Hall of Fame recognition, living or deceased, have established a reputation of honor and serve as models of excellence.

Each year, the Hall of Fame inducts up to five new members. Applications are due by the end of April each year and are available through this link: in a new tab)

For questions regarding the Hall of Fame contact Sonja Abdelgawad at (816) 348-1151 or by email at

Hall of Fame members are determined by committee. The committee consists of Hall of Fame members, school district staff and members of the community. The 2019 Class of Hall of Fame Members will be inducted at the Hall of Fame/All Class Reunion Event on Saturday, October 19.

Hall of Fame Members:

1910 Grace Wilson Van Brunt
1912 Susan Wilson Greene
1915 Lucy Wilson Dunlap
1925 J. Weldon Jackson
1926 M. E. Ensminger, Ph.D.
1927 Frank Blair, Jr.
1928 Douglas Ensminger, Ph.D.
1933 Albert L. Dodson
1936 John R. McKee, D.O.
1937 John S. Harrison
1938 Shirley Childs Nichols
1938 Thomas H. Keeney
1940 Fred L. Campbell
1940 Mary Lightfoot
1941 Gwynne Coomes
1941 Leo J. Mosby
1942 Charles F. Pitts
1942 George E. Spear
1942 Joe P. Trotter
1944 William J. Mosby
1945 Eric E. Hankins
1945 Faye Mosby Wallace
1946 William L. Holloway

1946 Joe Bill Looney
1946 Robert E. Miller
1947 George W. Elkins
1947 James E. Saultz, Sr.
1948 Richard Hankins
1948 Norma Jean Nelson
1949 Jack C. Dryden
1951 Jake Jones
1952 Donald L. Gilmore
1953 Jim Meador
1953 Frederick C. Wear
1954 Gordon K. Smith
1956 Richard Loftis
1956 Gary Schmedding
1957 Bill Parrish
1958 Fred Buchanan
1960 Elmer Larkey
1961 Walter Dembitsky, M.D.
1962 Linda Jo Wilbur
1964 Susan Ketteman Franano
1965 Tad Bartimus
1965 Stephen J. Craig
1965 Jerald W. Jackson

1965 Bill Keeney
1965 William Westhoff
1966 Walter Bargen
1966 Bryce Shriver, Ph.D.
1966 Greg Wallace
1967 Jim Bartimus
1967 Caroline Shisler Hale
1967 Patte’ Klaus Schreihofer
1967 William Kent Powell D.D.S.
1968 Anthony Flacco
1970 RET Lt. Col. David Mosby
1972 Janell Cecil
1973 Douglas L. Bradley, M.D.
1974 Ron Martz
1976 James Frickleton
1976 James Person
1977 Greg Hamilton
1975 Renee (Rudroff) Kerckhoff
1977 Ed Maurer
1978 Steven Guse
1978 Anthony Rizzi, Ph.D.
1979 Karen Fletcher
1979 Len Jennings, Ph.D.
1981 Todd Goffoy
1983 RET Lt. Col. Phillip Trued, Jr.

1983 Gail Worth
1984 Joe Falcon
1987 Dr. Tricia Trutzel-Betts
1988 Jared Keeler, M.D.
1991 Wayne Westerman, Ph.D.
1991 RET Maj. Brian W. McBrayer 
1992 Eric Calvert, Ph.D.
1992 Kevin Murphy
1994 Jeff Hyatt
1998 Justin Neff
1999 Matt Watson

Jessie L. Campbell (Teacher -Coach)
Dr. Sandy Clutter (Administrator – Educator)
Frances Lee Curdy (Teacher)
Dr. Jon Ferguson (Teacher)
Al Hamra (Teacher – Coach)
Dodie Maurer (Friend of BHS)
Deloris Person (Teacher)
Ken VanSickle (Friend of BHS)
John D. West (Friend of BHS)
Howard Westerman (Teacher)
Louis Wilckens (Teacher)
Charles F. Yeokum (Superintendent)